How to Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Want To : Step 7 Vapor

We have had a lot of people coming into the store getting started on their track of being SMOKE FREE!!!!   Whether you choose to do it following the steps we have been talking about or you need a little help we are here for you.  The most effective way we have seen people quit is by using Vapor.  That is why we carry the smokeX brand of vapor kits, batteries, tip and liquids. 

We know your life as a non-smoker will be healthier and hopefully more enjoyable without the constant torment of being told not to smoke.  Vapor has seem the be the most effective way thousands and thousands of people are quitting the smoking habit. 

How To Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Want To:  Step 6

   One of the greatest forces in accomplishing a task is momentum. With momentum even the greatest things can seem simple and easy.  Momentum doesn't just grows.  It starts with your own personal motivation and each day and each victory you will gain more and more momentum.  Want to know an easy trick to building more and more momentum?  Tell a friend about each of your victories.  Even better....tell thousands of friends on Facebook about what your doing.  You will see people "like" your post and even give you comments to help keep you going.  This will be one of the greatest inspirational journeys for you.  When you use Social Media for motivation you will see a dramatic increase in your momentum and and even easier time getting your victory over smoking!!!  Happy Posting!!!

How Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Think You Can : Step 5

Thanks for all your feedback...its been fun seeing people change their lives and break away from their cigs.  

As we move forward in our journey to a smoke free life we must stretch our self a bit and do a three day cig fast.  These are tough but helps break the bond we have with cigarettes. The first day is going to be the toughest so get yourself ready for it!!

The most important thing you can do is to keep busy on your first day of not smoking. Most of us smoke when we are taking a break or trying to relax.  So on the first day make sure you keep staying busy.  It might be tough but keep yourself and you mind preoccupied.  Keep your gum/water or vapor handy in order to help you out.

Next before you start your first day you need to throw any remaining cigarettes away or as you see here give them away. This will help alleviate the temptations you have to pick one up.  

 When day one is done, remember that today and the next week are going to be getting easier.  

Make sure to reward yourself for getting through the day.  Treat yourself to an ice cream or something you enjoy but continue not to smoke.

How Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Think You Can : Step 4

Hope you are having a great 4th of July weekend!!! Holiday weekends can be a tough time for people trying to quit smoking for a couple reasons. First, usually in holiday weekends you eat a lot. There is nothing like a family cook out to enjoy a holiday. For us, we got together with neighbors and sat outside eating and enjoying fireworks. For most smokers, an after dinner cig is a must. Especially if you ate alot the nicotine is great for relaxing the body.....but its tough if we are quiting. Second, usually holidays are celebrated with a lot of drinking. During a summer time its probably some summer ales, a light white wine or a mixed drink like a mojito. Most smokers love to smoke while drinking....thus it was probably a tough weekend for trying to quit.

If you had a set back this weekend, here is what I suggest come back against the cigs with a vengence. Grab some sissors and have a cutting ceremony. This is beneficial for your mental state as well as its a practical step. The more cigs you cut the less you have to smoke and the more you will say this is wasting money. But when u go back to buy another pack you will realize your wasting more money and cheating time off of your life. We would love to see some pics of your cutting ceremonies!!!

How to Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Know You Can: Step 3

  Ok, we have mentally prepared and agreed that we need to quit.  We next set a date to be smoke free and now we need to slowly whittle down our habit.  There are a few people that can quit cold turkey but most of us do better at weening ourselves off of an addiction.
   A few years ago I needed to loose some weight and so one of the things I had to do was cut out the amount of Dr Pepper I was drinking.  Just like cigarettes, the caffeine was highly addictive and was extremely hard to do.  I didn't feel that I could go cold turkey and so I simply cut the amount I was having for a week. Next I went to one every other day and soon to only on the weekends.  A couple of months later I was able to quit all together....but it started with simply limiting the amount I had in one day.  
   So in order to help you quit smoking lets set a limit of how many cigarettes we have in a day.  If your a pack a day smoker then only allow yourself 1/2 a pack a day. If it is hard to control the urge to smoke a whole pack then put your allotment into a bag and only carry that amount with you.  It might be tough but take baby steps and if you have a day that you smoke to much....DON'T beat yourself up.  Wake up the next day and tell yourself its a new day and a new you.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!