Need to get better cell reception? Option number three:

Utilize a Smart Signal Booster. A new category of Smart Signal Booster is emerging. This new category of boosters utilizes super-powerful baseband processors to clean the signal before it is rebroadcasted (hence the "Smart" in the name Smart Signal Booster). Most of the Smart Signal Boosters have gains of 100db (compared to analog booster's gain of 63 to 70db). That's a 1,000 times to 2,500 times difference. Some of these new boosters, while more expensive than traditional analog booster, are completely plug and play: you plug them, and they usually work right away without the need for complex installation of outdoor antennas (usually the donor antenna is inside the booster box). Truly plug and play, they can be used with almost any carrier, require no installation and actually work. Most of the time, Smart Signal Boosters are carrier-specific (ie you need to get the one that works for your carrier), and are under consideration by the FCC's new rules starting in 3/2014.



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I like the idea of having a Smart Signal Booster! I've always had a problem with the cellular reception at my house because I don't get any. Whenever someone has to call me or I have to make a call, I still have to go outside of your house just to be able to do so. It's very inconvenient for me because there are times when I'll need to call someone in the middle of the night and I still have to go out of our house which is not safe to do. Having a Smart Signal Booster would provide me numerous advantages and will be a big help when it comes to my work.

05/10/2017 1:41am

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