We have been looking at ways to help you get better cell phone reception. While this option is a little more work involved I have heard it helps out....

Install a cellular repeater. If you are having cell problems in one location, such as your home or office, then try installing a cellular repeater. Cell phone repeaters pick up low cell signal with an antenna, boost the signal and broadcast it over the coverage area. They typically need at least 2 bars of signal where the antenna is placed (usually outside or on the roof) but can substantially improve cell reception, as well as battery life and data download speeds. Some repeaters might need technical knowledge such as the frequency of your carrier, and only work for one service provider. For a less technical approach that improves reception on all carriers, use a dual-band cell phone repeater. Some of these new boosters (Smart Signal Boosters), while more expensive than traditional analog boosters (who are almost always based on older technology), are completely plug and play: you plug them, and it works! no need to complex installation of outdoor antennas.



07/30/2016 3:01pm

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10/17/2016 12:26pm

Mobile mobile phones are more reliable and sturdier than the cheaper standard mobile phones. Most recent smartphones are made with both metal and plastic material while standard mobile phones are only made with plastic material, which means smartphones can take a stronger beating yet still function.

08/09/2017 9:47pm

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