How to Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Know You Can:

Step 2 - Set a date. Seems simple but it is very vital in order for you to mentally prepare for it. Give yourself some time....maybe a week or two out. But you don't want to set it to far out because you need keep your little bit of motivation.

When you set a date you are planning for success. This idea of quitting now takes a form of a goal and something you begin working towards. When you have a goal it becomes necessary to also have a completion date. So not only set a start date but set a date that you want to be completely smoke free!!! On this one also give yourself some time....maybe with in three months. If that seems to unrealistic then set it for six months. Which ever you decide make it a date that is do-able and yet one that pushes/stretches you a little.

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I have recently come to get rid of smoking by just simply following these advices. It is truly a remarkable tips that can be good to get rid of these kinds of hideous things.


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