Some of us like to smoke cigarettes, black & mild or other types of tobacco....but we don't know how we can stop. We many times wish we could and have tried before but just never have been able to kick the habit. Over the next couple days we are going to look at some ways to help people quit smoking even if you never think you can....

How to Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Know You Can:

If you are feeling pressured to quit from an outside source, such as friends and/or family, and you don't really want to quit yourself, there's not really any reason to bother. Even if you manage to quit as a result of their pestering--well meaning or not, that's what it is--you will find yourself actively looking for reasons to blame them personally so you can relapse and start smoking again. It is the way addictions work.

So the very first step is to decide for yourself that you want to do it and not because of other people. You understand its your body and when your in your 60's-70's you would like to be living a normal life and not hooked up to an oxygen tank or coughing up flim all the time. So in order to do it....It all starts with you.

I had a grandmother that use to tell me "if you say you can or you can't you are correct." So tell yourself you can and use the power of your mind to control your body.



You must do the thing you cannot do and to quit smoking is a great challenge for people. But this article is so helpful for those who want to quit smoking, but does not succeed in it. first prepare your mind for quoting and follow the instructions with the rule never give up.


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