How to Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Know You Can: Step 3

  Ok, we have mentally prepared and agreed that we need to quit.  We next set a date to be smoke free and now we need to slowly whittle down our habit.  There are a few people that can quit cold turkey but most of us do better at weening ourselves off of an addiction.
   A few years ago I needed to loose some weight and so one of the things I had to do was cut out the amount of Dr Pepper I was drinking.  Just like cigarettes, the caffeine was highly addictive and was extremely hard to do.  I didn't feel that I could go cold turkey and so I simply cut the amount I was having for a week. Next I went to one every other day and soon to only on the weekends.  A couple of months later I was able to quit all together....but it started with simply limiting the amount I had in one day.  
   So in order to help you quit smoking lets set a limit of how many cigarettes we have in a day.  If your a pack a day smoker then only allow yourself 1/2 a pack a day. If it is hard to control the urge to smoke a whole pack then put your allotment into a bag and only carry that amount with you.  It might be tough but take baby steps and if you have a day that you smoke to much....DON'T beat yourself up.  Wake up the next day and tell yourself its a new day and a new you.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!



05/25/2016 9:00am

When we label thoughts, we assign them importance over others, so they occupy space in our minds.


Smoking is not a good thing because it is harmful for the human bodies and for their long life. I hope that the people will do all those things which is best for their life and they will leave the smoking.

08/04/2017 12:29pm

We all are getting great and wonderful turkey but most of us do better at weening ourselves off of an addiction. The iphone process and addictive and was extremely hard to do and amount I had in one day.


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