How Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Think You Can : Step 4

Hope you are having a great 4th of July weekend!!! Holiday weekends can be a tough time for people trying to quit smoking for a couple reasons. First, usually in holiday weekends you eat a lot. There is nothing like a family cook out to enjoy a holiday. For us, we got together with neighbors and sat outside eating and enjoying fireworks. For most smokers, an after dinner cig is a must. Especially if you ate alot the nicotine is great for relaxing the body.....but its tough if we are quiting. Second, usually holidays are celebrated with a lot of drinking. During a summer time its probably some summer ales, a light white wine or a mixed drink like a mojito. Most smokers love to smoke while drinking....thus it was probably a tough weekend for trying to quit.

If you had a set back this weekend, here is what I suggest come back against the cigs with a vengence. Grab some sissors and have a cutting ceremony. This is beneficial for your mental state as well as its a practical step. The more cigs you cut the less you have to smoke and the more you will say this is wasting money. But when u go back to buy another pack you will realize your wasting more money and cheating time off of your life. We would love to see some pics of your cutting ceremonies!!!



05/25/2016 5:11am

We react to our surroundings on those occasions for unknown reasons.

08/12/2016 5:44am

The citrate can be quit. There require the courage and will power. The weekend at the outside the house for some dinner and the cutting of citrate are the valued for quit smoking. People must spend their time in some other requirements. These may use for citrate quit phenomena.


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