How Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Think You Can : Step 5

Thanks for all your feedback...its been fun seeing people change their lives and break away from their cigs.  

As we move forward in our journey to a smoke free life we must stretch our self a bit and do a three day cig fast.  These are tough but helps break the bond we have with cigarettes. The first day is going to be the toughest so get yourself ready for it!!

The most important thing you can do is to keep busy on your first day of not smoking. Most of us smoke when we are taking a break or trying to relax.  So on the first day make sure you keep staying busy.  It might be tough but keep yourself and you mind preoccupied.  Keep your gum/water or vapor handy in order to help you out.

Next before you start your first day you need to throw any remaining cigarettes away or as you see here give them away. This will help alleviate the temptations you have to pick one up.  

 When day one is done, remember that today and the next week are going to be getting easier.  

Make sure to reward yourself for getting through the day.  Treat yourself to an ice cream or something you enjoy but continue not to smoke.



08/15/2016 3:41pm

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