How To Quit Smoking Even When You Don't Want To:  Step 6

   One of the greatest forces in accomplishing a task is momentum. With momentum even the greatest things can seem simple and easy.  Momentum doesn't just grows.  It starts with your own personal motivation and each day and each victory you will gain more and more momentum.  Want to know an easy trick to building more and more momentum?  Tell a friend about each of your victories.  Even better....tell thousands of friends on Facebook about what your doing.  You will see people "like" your post and even give you comments to help keep you going.  This will be one of the greatest inspirational journeys for you.  When you use Social Media for motivation you will see a dramatic increase in your momentum and and even easier time getting your victory over smoking!!!  Happy Posting!!!



I am really happy to tell you that finally I have quit smoking and it was all because of your advices. I use to tell them all the others are fed up with smoking and want to quit smoking.


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