How would you like to be smoke free?  Sound to good to be true?  In reality many times it can be free tough to quit smoking...the urge to pick up a smoke after a meal or while driving is hard to break.  If you are someone that has been a smoker for a long time then you know what its like to have the craving that never goes away.  Many people simply just need something in their hand or in their mouth.  Their addiction isn't just to the nicotine but also to the oral sensation.  When one of our customer breaks the habit and has been able to be smoke free then we celebrate it with them.  This is a one month celebration of being smoke free.  You can do it to!!!



10/28/2014 7:03am

The electronic cigarettes are even permitted in that countries where smoking cigars is banned due to their no-harm characteristic. So, the smokers can smoke wherever they are.

08/10/2016 11:45pm

It really sounds great to get rid of smoking but it almost seems impossible to me. But as you have told here this was a lot helpful to me for getting rid of this smoking and now I really don’t like to smoke.

01/20/2017 8:21pm

Am so impressed to read such a nice post, such posts and blogs are very useful as it encourages the smoke free person or environment. I really appreciate your efforts and working for this noble purpose. Smokers destroy their health as well as others.


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