You like good deals? Of course...who doesn't.  There is nothing like getting a special deal on a good phone!!

Beginning tomorrow we will be running a special on the Boost LG Tribute.  You receive the first month of unlimited talk and text with 10GB of 4g data and activation included for only $99

Yes that's right!!! Only $99 for the phone and first month of unlimited talk text and 10GB of 4g Data!!!



03/09/2016 9:55pm

The LG Tribute is a remarkable value on Boost Mobile, offering fast LTE speeds and good Android performance for a rock-bottom price.

07/20/2017 8:39am

I really wasn't expecting an Android being as nice as the LG Tribute HD. My only concern is that it has a glass screen. This review was collected as part of a promotion. This is by far the best phone I ever had! I couldn't be happier It's so fast The Cameras are just amazing. The HD Clarity on this phone is out of this world. I love watching movies and videos with my girl on this phone. I love how it fits into the palm of my hand I can't say anything bad about this phone. Great job LG!

06/19/2016 12:29pm

The boost can be helpful to convert the signals from one side to the other side. It considers that the first development can be approximate to the other sides. This boost can be helpful to translate to the other signals as well.

07/09/2017 11:09pm

Today mobile phones are very important for each person, you can communicate with your family and friends with in a minute even when you are away of town, city or country. Mobile phones are also an alternate of personal secretary.


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