You have your phone in your back pocket, you think nothing of it because you've done it time and time again and nothing has ever happened. You go to sit down and you hear a little pop, you're unsure of what it is but you look at your screen. Nothing seems cracked so you sigh in relief. You go to press your power button to turn it on and all you see are a bunch of lines and colors. What in the world!?!? But the screen isnt cracked.. Well you've found yourself with a broken LCD.. A pain in the you know what!

This is super frustrating and sometimes can cause you major issues because we know you need your phone and you don't have a lot of time to wait around to get this fixed. Which is why we offer repairs on just about every single brand, make & model.



01/06/2016 11:01pm

Once your iPhone 5 is given to us, our specialists will examine and reveal the real inconvenience, fix it adequately and return it to you inside of an hour.

05/25/2016 5:11am

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06/05/2016 1:10pm

Bad LCD is bought and used for the bad Coors and all negative and low quality of the resolutions. It is the wrong deal with the shop keeper and it is ought to be sued in court. It is the consumer court that will take care for the right and excellent means.


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10/24/2017 12:24am

Sad to know about that problem as there are many reasons behind that problem.

10/24/2017 1:17am

That problem mostly occurs due to sudden drop of mobile phone.


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