Is your computer doing weird things? Maybe it's going to webpages you didn't type in, or it keeps crashing. Maybe it's just going really really slow & keeps "twirly birding." We know nothing can be more aggravating than these things!

Which is why we are now offering computer repair services.

Virus Removal & Tune-Up
Data Recovery/Transfer
Operating System Upgrade
Operating System Reinstall
Hard-Drive Replacement
LCD Replacement



11/25/2015 2:26am

Recuperation may be required because of physical harm to the capacity gadget or sensible harm to the document framework that keeps it from being mounted by the host working framework.

12/01/2016 4:20pm

My brother is a computer technician. He can fix any kind of computer. He is currently taking Information Technology to achieve his goal. He wants to be knowledgeable enough in programming. I’m just so grateful to be his sister. There is just so much confidence rising every moment I'm with my older brother.

02/18/2016 10:38pm

Getting rid of these files, including your internet history and cookies, should give you a larger amount of hard disk space, speeding up your PC. To do this, open “My Computer”, and select your local drive (usually C:\). Select the “Windows” folder and then open the folder titled “Temp”problem solved.


My computer also stuck and I find no solution for this problem. There are helpful method described in this article to make the processing of their computer best and also fast and quick. The crashing problem is also in common and solution is also there. Thanks for posting this.


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