Are you looking for a phone with a big screen, great camera, and awesome audio? Well this could be the phone for you!
The Galaxy Note 5 offers;
- 5.7" display
- 16MP primary camera & 5MP secondary
- Non removable Li-Po 3000 mAh battery
- Fingerprint sensor
- Corning Gorilla Glass 4
- Hotspot
This phone has almost everything you would ever need to be able to get your work done, take awesome pictures, and listen to your favorite beats!


06/29/2016 12:58am

My phone is the convenient way to navigate unknown place. It's hard to edit my friend's photo on my phone. My mom bought me a new phone. I am the happiest kid ever. I love this new Galaxy Note 5 phones. It's so beautiful. It allows super fast and efficient charging. It can charge up to 60 minutes up to 75%. The battery of my phone can last all day long. It improves my looks in real time. I can enhance the features of my phone's real time beautification tools in the camera. This phone is very affordable. A student like me, can afford this kind of phone.

02/06/2017 4:20am

Do you know that they literally can blow your mind? Just be careful with this new things.

07/18/2017 3:11am

The Galaxy Note 5 has definitely stepped up its game compared to its predecessor the Note 4. The most noticeable difference is the glass design of the Galaxy Note 5 which definitely made it look more premium which fits the price tag on it. Aside from that there is little improvement from the Note 4. The things that people are really focusing on are the things that are not in the current Note model that was there before. Due to the shift to the all glass and metal body, the Note had to remove the option for a removable battery and a SD card slot.


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