Are you looking for a high end phone without a high end price? This might just be the phone for you!

The Sharp AQUOS Crystal features a crystal clear display, very high end audio, and an awesome camera.

- 5.0" HD display
- 8MP camera
- 1.2 GHz quadcore processor
- Mobile ID
- 2040 mAh battery



I am impressed to see the features of this smart phone in such price. I was wondering to change my phone because that is no longer good for use and I have made my mind to it.


I am looking forward for the future of this phone. I am a techy person yet I want a new phone. I think this phone is a very handy to me. I love it when my phone gives convenience to me. What I also love about it is that it has an inclusive choice of built in photo features. The camera’s so vibrant and thorough. The quality of the photo is not reduced.


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